5 Creative Tattoos for Major College Students

Tattoos have been around for ages and people get them for self-expression. Our bodies are canvases and you can use yours for beautiful art. As a college student, I bet you have seen more body art than you can count.

Make sure you’re going for a tattoo because you want one, and not because you want to fit in. Figure out why you need a tattoo and what you’d like to get. Also, ensure that you go to a professional tattoo artist who’ll do a great job. Tattoos are quite painful and sort of permanent. The last thing you want is an ugly tattoo that you have to live with for a long time.

You could wear temporary tattoos first and see how you feel about them. If you love them, then you should get for the permanent ink. Brace yourself for the pain because the artist will need to draw on your skin. You’ll also need to stay still and allow them to do their job without interference. Remember your body is the canvas, and a little movement can easily mess up a masterpiece.

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Here are 5 creative tattoo ideas you should consider.

Animal Tattoo

This is a common tattoo idea that I bet you’ve seen on people. It could be on your art, chest, back or anywhere else you’d prefer. You could choose an animal that represents something or go for your favorite animal.

A person can get a tiger tattoo on their best to remind themselves they’re as powerful as the tiger. Other common animal tattoos out there include doves that represent peace, a cat if you’re a cat lover or a lion.

Birthday Tattoo

You can have your birthday or that of someone you love engrained on your skin. Most people tattoo the birthdays of people they’ve lost as s show of their last respect. This way, you can always have a piece of them with you even though they’re no more. Tattoos help you mourn your loved ones in a way only you understand.

Tribal Tattoo

There are quite creative, and they’re usually very big. You’ll need an experienced tattoo artist who has drawn these before. You can go with your own design or ask the tattoo artist to recommend amazing designs they’ve done before.

Portrait Tattoo

This is the ultimate show of respect. Most people have portraits of their children or fallen leaders who did amazing work to change the world. You could choose to have the portrait of Nelson Mandela or any other leader whose work you appreciate.

Lettering Tattoo

These ones are messages people can read and understand. It could be a mantra you live by or a message that is close to your heart.


Tattoos are an excellent way to express one’s self. Make sure you work with a professional tattoo artist who knows what they’re doing.