15 Small Words Tattoos Ideas

What is it about words that make them such a favorite theme for tattoos? Perhaps it is the fact that unlike words written on paper your favorite word remains close to you right on your skin. Even a single word can pack a huge amount of impact and deep meaning, which makes One Word Tattoos very popular. When you look at powerful tattoos consisting of just one word you get to step into the stories of the people who got the word tattooed. Elegant and precise a single word tattoo can hold a world of meaning and significance.

Whether it is a simple word tattoo saying the word ‘Always’ or a tattoo with the word ‘Gratitude’ every word tattoo has a special meaning. Many people who get inked combine the single word with a simple symbolic picture. A great way to depict the word ‘Revolution’ can be with a design of a rose, expressing the desire for a revolution through universal love and peace. Music lovers can get tattoos with the simple word ‘Sing’ where the spiraling shape of the ‘S’ can be decorated for an artistic effect. The choice of font, traditional and ornate, or simple and modern, can also add to the impact of a single word tattoo. A brief look at some One Word Tattoos gives you an idea of the creativity and original ideas that go into the art.Here are our 15 Small Words Tattoos Ideas.

Small Words Tattoos



Open your eyes tattoo word tattoo small hand tattoo


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small tattoos words ideas

small tattoos words




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