15 Ideas Of Small Travel Tattoos

Travel tattoos are the new souvenirs after a memorable trip. Instead of buying a couple of magnets or taking dozens of photos to share on Facebook, people get a travel themed pattern on the most visible part of their body. It is the best way to remember all those unforgetable moments and show others that you are always ready to hit the road.

Wanderlust and adventure are the most popular one word travel tattoos and maybe the most prefered ones. Compass, camera, map and suitcase are some of the travel objects to ink, along with the most related designs plane, sailboat and balloon. If you’re considering getting travel tattoos so,here are our 15 Ideas Of Small Travel Tattoos.Enjoy and get inspired!!!

Small Travel Tattoos


Humming bird tattoo behind the ear

Love the globe tattoo! Maybe white ink_ _ Tattoos _


Small _ Travel Tattoo Ideas

Small simple compass tattoo _ Travel Tattoo Ideas _

Small simple Travel Tattoo Ideas

small tattoos travel designs

small tattoos travel ideas

small tattoos travel


Travel Tattoo Ideas _


Wanderlust tattoo. IN LOVE