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15 Ideas Of Small Harry Potter Tattoos

Tattoos are beautiful way to express yourself, commemorate something important, and share your interests — but not everyone is ready for an entire sleeve of ink. While one of the favourite expressions is “go big or go home”,Harry Potter-inspired micro tattoos give a whole new perspective on tiny tattoos. When they’re this small and this perfect, it’s hard not to want them all.

What better book to get inked up for than your favourite fantasy series, the books that defined your childhood, and the stories that made you the adult you are today: Harry Potter. With seven books, eight (soon to be nine) movies and a forthcoming play worth of material, there’s no end to the mini Harry Potter inspired tattoo possibilities.Here are our 15 Ideas Of Small Harry Potter tattoos.

 Small Harry Potter Tattoos






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small tattoos harry potter ideas

small tattoos harry potter

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