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4 Tips For Your First Tattoo

The time has finally come to get your first tattoo! An individual may experience a lot of mixed thoughts and emotions when getting inked for the first time. You may have heard horror stories and funny examples of regrettable ink. 

If you do not want to make the same mistake, do not take this lightly as tattoos are permanent. It is a nerve-wracking, exciting, and memorable experience. 

Once you have decided to get inked, here are four tips to put your mind at ease.

4 Tips For Your First Tattoo

Getting inked is an important decision that you have to live with forever. Here are some important tips that you need to learn before getting in the chair.

Plan Your Tattoo Design and Placement

Don’t rush, take your time, and plan your tattoo design and placement thoroughly. Since it is your first tattoo, you would not want to regret it later. It is wise to go for a smaller design instead of a big one.

Undoubtedly, it is a painful process and you probably have no idea about your pain tolerance. Therefore, research and plan a design that does not cover more of your skin.

Alternatively, people often go for designs that have important meaning or impact on their lives. Similar to tattoo design, it is equally important to decide where you want it inked. It is a huge commitment so avoid having it inked at places that are too visible.  

Choose the Tattoo Artist Wisely

Nowadays, tattoo artists use social media to showcase and promote their work. Research a variety of tattoo shops and artists, read online reviews, visit in person, and inspect health standards like i always prefer tattoo shop fayetteville nc. Avoid bargain tattoo shops if you want a quality tattoo.

Prepare Yourself Physically

Once you have chosen a tattoo design, placement, and artist, prepare yourself physically for the painful process. Some preparations you can do to become physically ready include

  • Drink Water – Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water, at least 24 hours before getting inked. Well-hydrated skin will handle the ink better and easier.
  • Have a Solid Meal – People with low pain tolerance often faint or feel lightheaded while getting a tattoo. Eat a solid meal to stabilize your blood pressure and boost your stamina to withstand pain.
  • Avoid Taking Blood Thinning Products – It is common for skin to bleed while tattooing. Avoid taking blood thinning products or medication to not lose a lot of blood during the process.
  • Moisturize – Dry and dehydrated skin may make the process a bit challenging. Start moisturizing the area at least one week before the appointment. Not to mention, regularly apply sunscreen at the tattoo location to not get a sunburn. 


Tattoo aftercare is just as important as the process itself. The tattoo artist will give you all the tips and instructions to avoid infection. Keep the area moisturized, use recommended ointment and non-perfumed soap twice a day.

Lastly, getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, therefore, should not be viewed lightly. Keep in mind the aforementioned tips for a memorable tattoo experience.