4 Proven Ways To Prevent Your Tattoo From Fading

The tattoo is more than just art, to some people it’s personal, and it is a way of life. Whichever way it feels to you, it is necessary to have it done in a licensed place as it is a medical procedure since it involves inserting ink underneath the skin.

The tattoo is delicate as a flower, so it should be cared for properly. Fading is one of the many things people seem to worry about, after finding the right shop. While many factors can cause a tattoo to fade over time, there are indeed a few of which are quite more common than others including tattoo placement, the ink quality, the healing quality, the sun, the natural aging process, and many others. It is quite common for tattoos to face over time and unfortunately, there are not many ways to refresh the ink and in most cases some people get it redone by covering it up.

On Collected Reviews, you can find reviews of several stores and what they can offer. There are also some skin and diet health products that are usually recommended during the healing stage. Reading this article, we’ve compiled ways to prevent your tattoo from fading which are; 

1. Ink Quality: The quality of the ink is the next big thing after selecting the color. Having a lower quality ink or over diluted ink used because it’s cheaper will only result in it not lasting long. So before reserving a session, ask the artist what type of ink they use. Is the ink solid? And you can also check some noticeable tattoo ink brands just to be on the safer side. Asides from the ink quality, lighter colored ink tends to fade faster and will need extra care to prevent them from fading easily. That’s why it is advisable to go for darker colors.

2. Tattoo Position: The human skin is made in a way that stretches with age and this plays an important role in tattoo positioning. Having it in areas like joints, abdominals, feet, and other areas that can get rubbed easily make it prone to fading. It is best to understand how your body works before getting a tattoo, getting one on areas that easily affected by weight loss /weight gain causes a stretch on the skin and will damage the tattoo.

3. Avid Sun: The same way you prevent the sun’s Uv rays from damaging your skin, should also apply to your tattoos. Newly inked tattoos are sensitive to the sun and which makes them accessible to fading if exposed to the sun for a short period. It is advisable that during the first weeks of healing, the tattoo should be covered up if you are going outside (sunny or not). And after it is healed, use a good Uv sunscreen to prevent any damage.

4. Healing Process: The healing process is important in preventing tattoos from fading. During the first weeks, your tattoo ink will not be set appropriately so it has to be taken care of. There are so many stages that come with the healing process including peeling, itchiness, and scabs. But regardless, it is not advisable to peel any skin or even scratch the tattoo. To make the healing process smoother, some tattoo aftercare products are recommended to help your tattoo faster and set your ink.

These are few ways to prevent your tattoo from fading, and by following them, you will sure be protecting your tattoo and ensuring it lasts long.