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20 Small Dog Tattoos Ideas And Designs

Your dog is one of your loveliest friends which is always with you no matter what. It sounds funny, but there is a deep meaning in this phrase. Though dogs don’t have intellect but they do understand a lot of things. Some people love their dog so much that they go for a dog tattoo. These animals have their special place in their owners’ hearts and in many cases they even become very important for them.

Dogs are very clever and very loyal animals. They love their owners and always try to protect them. The types of the dogs we like or choose for ourselves depends on our interest and preferences. Men usually have strong, very powerful and big dogs, while women prefer smaller and cuter dogs. The same is in tattoo art. There are very masculine and quite feminine designs for dog tattoos. People wear these tattoos to show their love towards their pet and they really make sense. There are fascinating ideas for dog tattoos that grab attention and look interesting. Sometimes you can see dog tattoos worn as memorial tattoos.

Having a joyful life with your dog you may get depressed as it’s dead and as a memo you get a tattoo with the image of your dog. There are designs of dog prints that also stand for your love towards your pet. These footprints look amazing on the body and are even beautiful. Those who like small tattoos often choose dog paw tattoos in black or brown colors. They even wear it in a shape of a heart and it’s a rather creative idea. It can also show your loyalty, your warm heart and your kindness. Though these tattoos are mostly in neutral colors but you can also see watercolor and very brightly colored dog tattoos. They can be located on arms, thighs, chest, shoulder, back and leg. If you choose the head of the dog as a tattoo design it may be a bit larger compared with the footprints or with the paw.Here are our 20 Small Dog Tattoos Ideas And Designs.Enjoy and get inspired!!!

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one paw for each dog I've ever had...

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small dog tattoos ideas

small dog tattoos

Small name with dog paw